Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween treats!

I made rice krispy treats this week, and just found out that they are Rob's fav!  Even though we have been together a long time, I am still learning new things!  Cole loved the M&M's the best!  He is loving the Halloween decorations in our neighborhood - pumpkins, ghosts and spiders are his new favorite words!  

Grandma Grey visits and Cole's new ride!

This past week Grandma Grey came to visit!  You would never know that she is in her 80's!  Wow!  They had a great time at the racino, and the kids loved her!  Cole also got a new 4-wheeler since he is too big for the old one!  It can go 2.5 or 5 mph and it has a turbo boost!  He is getting really good driving it!  I can't believe my 2 year old is riding such a big machine!  What's next?  

Dave visits, and Allie is 3 months old!

We have had a lot of visitors in the last few months - busy busy!  We had a wonderful time when Dave came a few weeks ago.  It was so nice to see him- and we all even got a long run in for our marathon training!  We love you Dave!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

sweet kids

I try to take pictures of Allie like I did of Cole, but I don't think she will have near as many!  Here are a few new ones, Allie will be 3 months old on the 4th!

Cole's birthday!

We had a few celebrations for Cole's 2nd birthday!  One on his real birthday, the 18th with our family and Grammie - I made Cole's favorite dinner - steak on the grill and steamed fresh broccoli.  What a kid!  I made him his cake with a number two which he is really good a shouting when you ask him how old he is, it is too funny!  Allie got a taste of frosting too!  Then, we had his birthday party at Liberty Ridge Farm- a pumpkin farm, where he had his first brithday.  It is a really fun place, lots to do, so the adults don't get bored too.  He had a great time, and my parents and grandparents came up too!  I can't believe that my baby boy is 2!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cole's school!

Cole started daycare on monday, which we call "play school" since his favorite TV character Caillou goes to playschool too.  He did great!  Although, he didn't eat lunch - only a snack.  I asked him what he ate at school and he said "fishies".  He didn't cry when I left, put of course I did when I got to the car!  I only called twice during the day!  He says he wants to go back, so all in all, it was a great day!  He had class pictures and they are very structured - they learn things everyday, so he will really be ready for real school in a few years.   He is only going 2 days a week when I work, so it will be good for him!  He loves his new backpack with his name on it and he managed to sneak a baseball in there when I wasn't looking!  What a boy!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor day!

We traveled to Oswego for Labor day weekend and had a great time with my parents, grandparents and Nate.  We ate at Rudy's, kayaked on the lake, threw rocks and had a campfire.  Wonderful!